Saturday, February 12, 2011


What we do today and what we did yesterday is done. There is nothing we can do about it, it is done, forget about it.

Day in and day out we make mistakes. We put our faith in success, meaning something different for everyone else. Some want to get that great promotion (then the next promotion, and the next one), or have the husband, house and car, and children, or the look of being 5, 10, and 20 years younger than we are.

Putting your heart and soul into something tangible, or an ideal, can only disappoint you. Nothing is perfect, and so it will only break you even more. And when these things disappoint us, we blame them.

There is only one perfect thing in this world, that is the Lord, our savior, Jesus Christ. I'm currently reading a book called The Reason for God by the amazing Timothy Keller.

We live in a broken world. Nothing in our current world is perfect, including us. We sin, everyday, when we put our hearts and souls into something else, or in other words we idolize something else. This is the core of all sin, idolizing.

But we have already been forgiven. Why do we have to be forgiven? Sinning is like turning our back and walking away from God, and this hurts Him very much. And unfortunately every time someone or something is hurt, someone must pay for it.

One example would be your friend, whom you allow to borrow your car, and who then backs it into your fence. Someone must pay for this damage. The same go for times when a friend, coworker or stranger hurts your feelings.

In the instance of feelings hurt, or disappointment in an ideal, you have two options: forgive and forget, or think about it all the time and seek revenge. Seeking revenge will simply stress you and hurt the other person. Think about how you feel when you think about what hurt you? Is this a feeling that you want to feel all the time? Will your energy and time be well used against this silly thing that hurt you? What kind of mood will you be in, and how will those around feel about spending time with you? Does this sound like an ideal situation?

Being hurt is never an ideal situation. It causes pain and anguish, but forgiving can help this feeling. Revenge is a natural feeling, and forgiving will cause you more pain, but think of all that you have done in revenge. The next day, hour or minute have you still felt as though this was the best decision? But rather, forgiving allows you to move on, learn from your situation, and loving what has remained in your life.

I once held grudges over anything. People would do something silly, and I wouldn't talk to them, I would spend all of my energy avoiding them and giving them attitudes. But I as unhappy, lonely, and had no friends. I have since realized a lot about life. That was all wasted energy. Friends, coworkers and strangers have hurt me, but I just moved on. They made their decision, it may have been a bad day, or I may have truly wronged them.

But what is done is done. Putting energy into trying to fix the problem will only make you unhappy. Through the Holy Spirit a full man was born of a virgin, who was also fully human. He came to be a teacher and a leader. He partied with the wrong crowd, and befriended everyone who would accept him. Then He was falsely accused of sinning, and was put to an agonizing death. Through Him we are forgiven of our sins. God no longer stresses about all the sinning we have done against Him, because He has forgiven s. He is now simply working towards saving us and restoring the world to the way it was meant to be, with no suffering, pain, fear or sin. So follow His lead, and accept Him into your life, because He will hold your hand through this difficult journey of forgiveness.

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